Suzuko is a normal Japanese schoolgirl from modern times, but has a strange memory of being trapped in a burning house.. She doesn't know why she has this memory. One day when she's walking home from school, she sees a little boy she knows who is named Shuhei. He's showing off a scar he has on his stomach from having his appendix removed. Suzuko tells Shuhei that she'll walk him home, but a huge gas explosion nearby erupts trapping her and Shu. When Suzuko wakes up, she finds herself in a post-battlefield, with dead bodies all around her. Bandits soon find her and attempt to kidnap and rape her!! However, a young man named, Shukumaru comes to her rescue. After Suzuko is saved, Shukumaru takes Suzuko back to his village. He's the village thief/protector. Upon their arrival there, Shukumaru gives a young girl, named Suzu, a bell. (The name Suzu means "bell", whereas Suzuko would mean roughly "little bell" or "bell child"). Shukumaru tells Suzuko that she needs to change her clothes, and at this point, Suzuko comes across Shuhei's shirt. She then realizes that Shuhei must have travelled back in time with her. She tries to find him, but cannot locate him.

Suzuko soon realizes that she is in fact the little girl in the village named Suzu, and that she was born in Shukumaru's time. When she saves Shukumaru from a falling log that was set on fire, she realizes that fire allows her to travel through time, and that is how she survived the house fire she remembers being in when she was little, and how she got to modern times. When back in modern times, Suzuko takes Shukumaru home to take care of his wounds and notices he has a scar on his stomach that is exactly like Shuhei's appendix scar. Suzuko realizes that Shukumaru is Shuhei, and he must have been separated from her in mid-time switch earlier. Shukumaru is Shuhei from the present, and he had been raised in the past all along. Suzuko doesn't feel guilty about what happened to Shukumaru however when he tells her how much he's enjoyed his life in the past. From there, Suzuko and Shukumaru use the same gas explosion that sent them back in the time the first time to travel back to Shukumaru's time again.



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