Past In the 15th century, civil war is sweeping feudal Japan. Six year-old Suzuko finds herself a victim of circumstance, trapped within a burning building with no means of escape. Shukumaru, her older brother sees the helpless child, just as a burning timber falls from above... young Suzuko awakes surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings, in late 20th century Tokyo. She is discovered by a childless couple, who decide to take her in and adopt her...

Present Seventeen year-old Suzuko walks home from school, when she spots a familiar young child -- five year-old Shu, who is busily showing off the recent scar from an appendix operation. Suzuko chides the young boy, and offers to walk him home. But as the pair walk home, a leaking gas storage tank explodes... and Suzuko find herself in feudal Japan, (500 years into the past) amidst the bodies of samurai killed in earlier battle. Looters from one of the warring factions find the young girl, and decide to take advantage of the situation, when she is rescued by sixteen year-old Shukumaru, the appointed leader of a nearby village...

Future As Suzuko finally realises where she has ended up, her thoughts soon turn to the little boy, Shu. He is still missing and Suzuko is now anxious to find him.. - Slowly, she begins to understand the strange force that has exiled her, and how it ties in with her own mysterious past… Shukumaru and Suzuko tackle mystery, tragedy, and disaster as time unravels amidst the roaring flames of past, present and future.

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