Beacon by Vincent Seifert;
Summary: Beacon is a story of Suzuko, a schoolgirl who has a strange ability to travel in time when fire threatens her, and Shukumaru, a young warrior of 16th-century Japan, after their marriage at the end of Fire Tripper.
Site: The Taming of the Horse

   Cherish While You Can by Ukyou Kuonji;
Summary: A ruminative fic based on Takahashi's Firetripper, narrated by Suzuko's adoptive parents in the modern world. She has gone back to her own time, but she has not been forgotten in this one.
Site: Ucchan

   A Walk With Fire by DQBunny;
Summary: Kagome never imagined that another could do a time slip the same way she did. But, when she's asked to help a sick man in another village, she learns that she isn't alone in the past. (crossover InuYasha/Firetripper)
Site: Storyteller's Scribe

   How Fireflies Know They Are Loved by Darth Mar-Mar;
Summary: Yep, it's cute...Kagome has to deal with the concept of being happy when she and Inuyasha meet Suzuko and Shukumaru from Fire Tripper. Could Kagome every be happy in the Feudal Age? Would Inuyasha prefer daughters or sons? (crossover InuYasha/Firetripper)
Site: Profile

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