Welcome to Ember Flames, a shrine & TAFL approved fanlisting for the OVA/Manga series, "Fire Tripper", by Rumiko Takahashi. One of the first of three released as a Manga and OVA mini-series, originally called Rumic World back in the '80s. If you're a fan of both or either, please do consider joining!

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  January 06th, 2010
- Updated and added some more new pics to the gallery, the downloads have been fixed in the media section and the extras section has new wallpapers and icons!

  October 26th, 2009
- More new items added to the gallery.

  July 13th, 2009
- Added new items to the gallery, including high res scanlations of Rumik World 1. No new members. :(

  May 3rd, 2008
- Took me a while to get the entire site completely revamped, but I got there in the end! As you can see I've put up a new layout and added a few more additions. Some sections are not up yet, but I do hope to get them up asap! Enjoy :)

  December 21st, 2007
- Finally! I've managed to instal an image gallery to home all the Firetripper images I've got on my HD. You can now find the new and approved gallery here, it now includes manga scanlations and OVA screencaps!

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